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What is the appropriate thickness of the acrylic display stand?

2020-08-24 09:55:43

The more high-end brands have higher requirements for product display, the plexiglass display stands that are crystal clear, strong in impact resistance, lightweight, environmentally friendly and easy to recycle have become the choice of many businesses.

The cost of the plexiglass display stand mainly depends on the thickness of the material. Generally speaking, the thicker the thickness, the better the permeability or smoothness, and the better the display effect. At the same time, the thicker the plexiglass display stand consumes more materials and costs more. The higher it is, how thick is the cosmetic acrylic display stand to be cost-effective?

   Can be achieved in the following ways. The bottom of the plexiglass display rack is equipped with elastic rubber feet to increase the necessary cushioning.

  The impact strength of the plexiglass board can be improved by thermoforming, and the internal stress of the board can be released to reduce subsequent shrinkage and deformation.

   Due to the endurance of the plexiglass material, when customizing the plexiglass display stand, its thickness must be considered, and the thickness depends on the product it carries.

   Generally speaking, 2mm or less can be used for decoration, and at least 3mm or more if it is used for load-bearing and depends on the structure of the display rack. The weight-bearing capacity of 3mm to 5mm thick plexiglass display stands is enough to bear the weight of general cosmetics.

   If you don’t want to use a plexiglass display stand that is too thick and costly, how can you avoid the deformation of the plexiglass display stand with a thin wall to maintain its good quality and extend its service life?

   When bonding organic glass display stands, slow-drying glue with higher bonding strength must be selected to increase its bonding strength.

   When making a plexiglass display stand with a larger load-bearing area, pay attention to correspondingly increase the thickness of the load-bearing plate to avoid deformation due to the larger load-bearing area.

   When bonding, assembling, and fixing the plexiglass display stand, pay attention to reserve a certain shrinkage and expansion gap to prevent thermal expansion and contraction from affecting the display stand.

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Dongguan Xinbaoli Display Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. It is a wholly-owned enterprise specializing in the production of display products and acrylic products. The company is located in Jichiling Industrial Zone, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It has a factory building of more than 20,000 square meters. , There are about 200 professionals. It is a well-known enterprise for display products and acrylic products. It was awarded the title of Dongguan Science and Technology Private Enterprise in 2012. The company has successfully passed the ISO9001-2015 quality management system, SA8000.

  Xinbaoli's service brands include: iPhone, Marumi cosmetics, Midea, Haier, Sony, Casio, Cardir, Dior, etc.

In terms of products, Xinbaoli Company has 23 years of production experience. The company specializes in the production of display products. It has woodwork workshops, hardware processing workshops and acrylic workshops, producing acrylic display stands, display stands of various materials with metal and wooden structures, Showcase.

  Xinbaoli Company has always followed the concept of "make excellent display products and serve well-known brands", and win the advantage and trust in the market with reasonable prices, excellent products and perfect services.

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