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Tobacco and alcohol display cabinets, the thinking mode of display cabinet design and production

2020-08-15 10:59:14

When designing tobacco and alcohol display cabinets, we must understand and accept all factors and things with an open mind, and cannot stand still. With creative thinking, various rules and regulations of different nature must be converted into specific ways of thinking, and creative design will have a big impact in the showcase. So what kind of thinking mode does the design of XX display stand commercial production usually need?

Tobacco and liquor showcase

1. Reference

 Reference refers to drawing on the useful experience of predecessors on the basis of research, combining actual conditions, and encouraging innovation. Who started his creative design field, starting from a tie, starting from the operation of imitation, can do less detours. We oppose plagiarism, but we also oppose the inability to learn, because plagiarism is a lower-level thinking and creative means to learn to self-efforts and give up. We must be careful not to slip in front of the experience in the frame of the mirror. Learning from learning is only a step for improvement. That's it.

2. Lenovo

 Association is a person’s past experience and experience of a thing object, leaving an impression, in the form or person, stimulus, the past reaction of things that evoke memories, or similar or related factors from one idea to another. . Under normal circumstances, imagine the future display scene of the product, the display factors and various situations that need to be considered, and set up the acrylic display product from the perspective of the operator.

3. Imagine

 Imagine turning designers into consumers through psychological activities, creating a new image of the original perceptual consumption simulation environment. Imagine, imagine into two categories: unintentional and intentional imagination. The imagination here is like a deliberate imagination, creating images that are not easy to form and describe in their minds. Can the acrylic display products be viewed from the perspective of consumers? What improvements need to be made?

4. Deconstruction

 The ideas derived from association and imagination will eventually provide a complete concept of a concrete visual image. This transformation between America and the shape is to combine all aspects of the situation to find a suitable image for the collection and arrangement of product materials, while also seeking creative expression, but also decomposition and reconstruction. This is deconstruction and conformity. Display products from a consumer perspective.

5. Burlington Thinking

 (Or epiphany thinking, also known as inspirational thinking), refers to people's creation of literary and artistic creations and activities, as well as sudden thinking activities in social life. Inspiration combined with discovery, suddenly realized the phenomenon of thinking. Learn more knowledge, experience the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys of consumers, and treat consumers and operators as themselves, so that you can feel more about product design and development.


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