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Acrylic product manufacturing-inspection

2019-05-22 11:40:18

One of the important links in acrylic display product manufacturing is customer inspection


Inspection refers to the inspection and verification of products such as raw materials, samples and bulk products by customers. Generally, it can be divided into pre-production inspection, pre-production sample inspection, post-production bulk inspection or full inspection.

1. Incoming materials inspection before delivery

Originated from customers’ trust in Xinbaoli for many years, the pre-production stage,
Ordinary customers have full authority to hand over to Xinbaoli for self-inspection
Customer trust is not unlimited
New Baoli will
Give feedback to customers in time and serve them well

2. Pre-natal sample inspection


Pre-production sample inspection refers to the customer's inspection of pre-production samples. Generally, the color sample, size, structure, function and use effect are checked, and pre-production confirmation, sample signing, etc. are performed.

1. Check and take photos of color samples

Acrylic product manufacturing-inspection

2. Size check

Acrylic product manufacturing-inspection

3. Structural inspection

Acrylic product manufacturing-inspection

4. Pre-natal confirmation sign

Acrylic product manufacturing-inspection

3. Post-partum bulk inspection

Acrylic product manufacturing-inspection

Xinbaoli warmly welcomes customers to inspect the goods
I believe that with the cooperation of customers, we can produce
More and better acrylic display products

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