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What are the acrylic processing technology of acrylic display stand?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

What are the acrylic processing techniques?

Acrylic can use casting, injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and other processes.

Acrylic display stand


Casting is used to form plexiglass plates, bars and other profiles, that is, the profile is formed by the bulk polymerization method. The products after casting need to be post-processed. The post-processing conditions are heat preservation at 60℃ for 2h and heat preservation at 120℃ for 2h

Injection molding:

Injection molding uses pellets made by suspension polymerization and molding on a common plunger or screw injection molding machine. Table 1 shows the typical process conditions of polymethyl methacrylate injection molding. Process parameters: screw injection molding machine plunger injection molding machine barrel ℃ temperature rear 180-200 180-200  central 190-230  front 180-210 210-240  nozzle temperature ℃ 180-210 210-240  mold temperature ℃ 40-80 40-80  injection pressure MPa 80-120 80-130  holding pressure MPa 40-60 40-60  screw speed rp.m-1 20-30  injection molded products also need post-treatment to eliminate internal stress, and process the hot air circulation at 70-80℃ It is carried out in a drying box, and the processing time of acrylic rod depends on the thickness of the product, generally it takes about 4h.


Thermoforming is the process of making plexiglass plates or sheets into products of various sizes and shapes. The blank cut to the required size is clamped on the mold frame, heated to soften it, and then pressurized to make it close to the mold surface , Get the same shape as the molding surface, and trim the edge after cooling and shaping to obtain the product. Pressurization can be done by vacuum drawing or by directly pressurizing a convex mold with a profile. The thermoforming temperature can refer to the recommended temperature range in Table 3. When using rapid vacuum low-draft molding products, the temperature should be close to the lower limit, and the deep drawing products with complex shapes should be close to the upper limit temperature. Normal temperature is generally used. The following is an explanation of the processing technology of plate processing into handicrafts.

Acrylic display stand Acrylic processing technology is a very complicated process technology. Its operation should be selected according to the shape and size of the acrylic product itself. Below we will introduce you to Dongguan Tuwei Plexiglass Products Co., Ltd. Process production process.

Cutting: Use a cutting machine to cut the acrylic sheet. It is necessary to clarify the size of the acrylic product in order to accurately open the material to avoid material waste.

Engraving: After the opening is completed, the acrylic sheet is preliminarily engraved according to the shape requirements of the acrylic product, and carved into different shapes of graphics.

Trimming: After cutting or engraving, the edge of the acrylic sheet is relatively rough. Therefore, the trimming machine must be used for the acrylic trimming.

Punching: This process is based on the needs of acrylic products. Some acrylic products have small round holes. This step requires the punching process.

Polishing: After cutting, engraving and perforating, the edges are relatively rough and easy to scratch your hands, so the polishing process is used. Polishing is also divided into grinding wheel polishing, cloth wheel polishing and fire polishing. Different polishing methods should be selected according to the product. .

Paper tearing: The paper tearing process is a processing step before the silk screen and hot bending process, because the acrylic sheet will have a layer of protective paper after it leaves the factory. The sticker pasted on the acrylic sheet must be removed before the silk screen and hot bending.

Silk screen printing: This step is generally when customers need to display their own brand LOGO or slogan, they will choose silk screen printing. The screen printing is divided into two kinds of screen printing methods: monochrome screen printing and four-color (CNYK) screen printing. You can learn more about the screen printing process of acrylic products.

Hot bending: Acrylic can be changed into different shapes through hot bending. In hot bending, it is also divided into local hot bending and overall hot bending.

Gluing and packaging: These two steps are the last two steps in the acrylic product process, and the completion of the entire acrylic product part assembly and packaging before leaving the factory.

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