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The new direction of the acrylic display rack industry, electronic screen interactive display!

2019-05-22 11:40:18

The display needs of modern enterprises are becoming more personalized and effective. Traditional static display and physical display can no longer meet the needs of modern enterprises and the market. In today's diversified display form, integrating the display content with the visitors is the key, and the interactive exhibition hall becomes the solution. Let me talk to you about why interactive exhibition hall design has become a new direction in the display industry?

Acrylic display stand

The mechanized display of traditional exhibition halls is difficult to meet the needs of flexible visits. Visitors not only need to understand the content of the display, but also need certain professional knowledge and have a certain threshold for visiting. It is easy to be reduced to a fancy visit, and some visitors who do not understand are reduced to "passenger" and "passerby" roles.

If too much emphasis is placed on aesthetic design, the content of the display will be reduced to furnishings and vases, and the practical value will be reduced. You know, after all, the exhibition hall is a display platform that serves visitors. It is valuable and meaningful only for the sake of customers, not pure self-entertainment.

The general exhibition hall design mainly focuses on the two angles of "listening" and "seeing". The cookie-cutter form is a bit boring, and it seems that the display content has no vitality. The homogeneity of exhibition hall design is serious today. It is impossible to retain the audience without paying attention to the interactive experience. The interactive exhibition hall design can rejuvenate the company's exhibition hall space and allow visitors to gradually deepen their understanding of the company and exhibits through multimedia interaction. .

Because more attention is now paid to the humanized design of the exhibition hall, the real experience and feelings of the visitors have become the main direction of the design. The humanized interactive design of the exhibition hall can enhance the sense of participation of visitors, and even some interactive exhibition hall designs have been developed into immersive design, which can deepen the curiosity of exhibits and the goodwill of enterprises. The content of the display is only an entry point, and what affects the decision-making of visitors is actually the degree of favorability.

Acrylic display stand interactive display can better deepen communication with customers, interactive display can better deepen communication with customers, interactive display is the general direction of our future development.

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